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Why Use OEM Buick GMC and Chevrolet Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are parts for your Chevy Buick and GMC that are either made by the manufacturer, or made by a subcontractor to the manufacturer's exact tolerances and specifications. In other words, these are the exact same parts that were installed on your SUV, car or truck when it came off the assembly line. This is especially important when requesting body and electronic parts, as aftermarket parts may not fit as well or be tuned to the same exacting specifications.

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In fact, unlike OEM parts, aftermarket parts can vary greatly in quality depending on the manufacturer and price point. Additionally, getting that part often requires comparing several aftermarket brands or trusting the kid behind the counter at the local discount auto part store to get you the right part.
Getting a part for your Chevrolet Buick or GMC from the Wilmes Chevrolet-Buick-GMC parts department is usually as easy as requesting the part and providing the year, make, model and engine size of your car. Depending on the part, a little more information may be required, like your VIN number, but the part you receive will be an exact match, and often times carry some kind of warranty on it.

So if you are the do-it yourself type when it comes to maintaining your new or used car, truck or SUV, we have the Chevy parts to tune-up your Chevrolet Silverado or performance parts for your Chevy Camaro. Our parts department has a vast inventory of genuine OEM Chevrolet parts and accessories in stock to help keep your car, truck or SUV looking and running like new. From cosmetic add-ons such as running boards, floor mats and rims to maintenance items like mufflers, brake parts, engine and suspension parts to body parts such as mirrors, bumpers and grills. Our experienced  parts dealer personnel can help get you the right part, even if your Buick, GMC or Chevrolet has a few years and mile on it.